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  • Hello glorious members! Welcome back to another edition of the Pre Roll show. This week is an actual pre roll as we are uploading it the same week as MADAS.

    So as you all know we launched our online shop […]

  • Hello loyal members of House VanEaton. First, sorry for the absence. We have been working out butts off and the lady of House VanEaton had to hold down Casa De La Stoner all by her lonesome as Blavid was gone for […]

    • Loved the Pre-Roll ! Y’all, we appreciate that you’re a busy family. Take care of you! David we have a Birthday 2 days apart. Taurus? That explains so much but I get it 😂 I have that entrepreneurial gene just like you two.
      FYI- you guys were talking about Christians. Well, speaking of that. There are more of us than you might realize. I love Jesus but I smoke and cuss. You’d be surprised at how many of us do. 😉 we love you guys! Authentic. That’s the draw! I see faaaar to much fakery. You guys are refreshing!! 💋

  • Hello members! Apologies on not releasing this on a Wednesday. You probably heard about the crazy blizzard that hit us out of nowhere. While we are completely fine and enjoyed a nice cozy day at home with pajama […]

  • Hello beloved members of House VanEaton. Here is a new Pre Roll for you! Due to a corrupt file, we were unable to post the last Pre Roll show (apologies).

    In this week’s episode w talk about all things Hemp […]

  • Hello beloved House VanEaton members. In this week’s episode of The PreRoll Show, we discuss our decision to get Hulu and all the wonderful programming that has come in to our lives. We talk about the food we […]

  • Hello beloved members of House VanEaton. Here is your PreRoll show. in this week’s episode we talk about what all we did today, our gaseous pets and the song Body Language by Queen. We hope you enjoy this week’s […]

  • Hello House VanEaton Members! Guess what? You are in for a treat because I recorded an episode of the PreRoll show the last week of 2018 and did not hit publish! So in addition to getting a new PreRoll this week, […]

  • Hello members! Welcome to your Pre Roll Show. In this last recording of 2018 we talk a bit about our lives in 2018 and our new goals for 2019. We hope you all have a spectacular New Year and we wish you all much […]

    • I’m in the exact same boat with order ahead groceries. If it is all frozen, can, goods, and home cleaning supplies I’m fine with it. With meat and veggies, it’s a total OCD thing with habing to pick the exact cut and quality I’m looking for. I guess I cannot relinquish control over that to some stranger working in a mega or super store.

  • Hello members! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. This week on the PreRoll we talk about getting our house ready for Kathryn’s  parents to come by. Lot’s of deep cleaning and putting Ikea furniture together. We […]

  • Hello hello lovely members. We have figured it out! So this week you get this awesome PreRoll show and next week you get a brand new MADAS. So you don’t have to go a week without.

    I think we will resume our […]

  • Hello members!

    In this PreRoll show we discuss Bed, Bath and Beyond and the wonders of registering when you are already married and feel like you deserve some overdo wedding presents. We catch you all up on the […]

  • Yes folks we didn’t post one last week. We are going to start recording the PreRoll every other week (like MADAS). Look for the every week schedule to return in 2019.

    In this week’s Pre Roll we discuss social […]

  • Hello beloved members. This week’s preroll is all about fall and all the lovely things that happen, like when rodents decide to destroy your outdoor furniture cushions for stuffing for their wintery homes.  Where […]

    • Ahahaha! I was intrigued by the name of this episode alone! I feel like squirrels are crazier than most imagine them to be! Did you guys know that they eat meat!? I was always under the impression those guys were solely vegetarian… Then I saw squirrel eating an owlette 😞 Sad, but nature is just crazy like that! Rodents are on another level lmao

    • I am beyond excited to see the DopeBoo piece in the flesh!! 😍

  • Hey hey hey Members! This is a big show people. This week we announce the winner and runner up for the giveaway strictly for members only! We also spend a lot of time talking about how hard we are working and also […]

  • Hello members. Sorry for the less than stellar audio quality this week. I promise it will be resolved next week.

    In this episode we talk about new opportunities and how Blavid has fulfilled his dream of […]

  • In this week’s episode of the Pre Roll show, we go over our experience at Puff Pass Paint. This is a stoned painting class (with an emphasis on stoned). . We are sorry the pre roll has not been so consistent […]

  • Hello beloved members of House VanEaton! I am sorry this did not get out in time. However, we did record episode 102 as well so you will be getting another PreRoll in the next few days. In this episode we discuss […]

    • You’re a multimedia (marketing) mogul, if anyone asks!
      Yeah, that’s you, mogul.

      I love being able to go to Google maps ‘location sharing’ and always see where my kids’ phones are, knowing my kids are pretty close to that. And then if they’re not where they’re expected, I can get directions directly to them. Also handy if you lose your phone on a busy day of errands.

      You’ve done a great job of raising your kids and protecting them as you teach them about the world. They have the tools to make the right decisions, the choices only get harder as they age and are exposed to more than you can shield them. Make sure they understand the consequences of their choices. Having a phone should be an extension of that teaching/learning. By the time those problematic choices come along, trust them to do the right things. Realize: it’s their decisions and you’ve raised them well.

    • Love hearing from y’all. Yes. I acted as if you guys only recorded it just for me. Why wouldn’t I? My unicorn!
      Jon Bennett: pick a book, maybe start a book club in the forums. If you don’t pick Collier s I’m bias that way, of like to read with you and have a chat in the forums. I’m also offering just text if you want but I think that the forums don’t have the immediancy that text does, you know what I mean? And we can be the

  • Sorry about last week members. We had school starting and we were pretty overwhelmed. But this week it’s the companion Preroll to the 100th episode of MADAS. In this show we talk about all sorts of fun stuff and […]

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