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  • What is up our dear bannermen of House VanEaton!! I am so happy to be finally sharing an updated video with you guys!

    Last week I jumped back into vlogging and tried to film a little something from […]

  • Happy Spring you amazing members! I am so sorry I have been relatively inactive here since the year has begun. Our family has been cycling through one illness after another and it has been so difficult […]

    • Hey, Kathryn!

      It was great to see you! You sounded so good and I enjoyed “catching up”.

      I like to think of this era of marijuana prohibition as being close to the end. As The Stoner Mom, you are a pioneer. The messages that you deliver are inspiring, informative, relatable and fun. What you are doing is important.

      I, too, deal with depression and social anxiety. Learning of how you stopped using anti-depressants for treatment has encouraged me to persevere on my path to healing with cannabis. I am eight months young at using medical marijuana. This week, I have felt as if I am actually healing. I am looking forward to starting the process of reducing my pharmaceuticals.

      Sweetie, I realize how difficult it is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I have a lot of admiration for you!

      GRATEFULLY yours,

      Lee Anne

      P.S. Your video helped me be able to send this email 😉

    • glad to see you back Stoner Mom! We all need more vitamin D! You guys are Awesome!!

    • Great update and sesh!!

    • Wonderful update! I grew up with a cat named Katya. : )

  • New year, new sesh video up for you! This is a long one, with lots of stoned rambling, so if you’re ready to sesh go grab your gear and let’s get medicated! In this video I enjoy a new strain, do some […]



    Happy holidays my dearest stoner friends! Finally, uploading a new sesh video and sharing some holiday themed rambling while I get nice and stoney with ya’ll. This video is a couple weeks old, I r […]

  • MamaBearMF and Profile picture of Lady KathrynLady Kathryn are now friends 9 months ago


    Video Sesh | Updates on life, House VanEaton, Depression & Avoidance
    Oh friends, happy Friday! I’m sending you tons of love and positivity and am just so grateful to have this space to connect and share […]

    • Thank you, so much, for your transparency. You show me I’m not alone in my unhealthy behaviors even when we know better!

      So happy for Blavid’s happiness in his career and y’all’s business; there’s no limit, indeed! Stay the course. Y’all some b@d @ss motherf*ckers.

      This has been a very satisfying sesh. Once again, thanks for that. Love you and the family you’ve brought together.

      It would serve the entire membership if a thread in the forums become what the IG chat isn’t: where we discuss personal things that gets less attention because of the speed of the copious amounts of ‘check-ins’ and an efficient space for these discussions that relate to all of us? You know what I mean?

      For example, I would be interested in a discussion about posting pics of the kids. I think it’s a matter of consent. You don’t want to post every pic, just an occasional one, right? Consent applies to everything in polite society. For example, do I have your consent to use ‘inappropriate’ words?💋

      Thanks for you.

      • I agree with BA, great sesh, so relatable and I agree with the forums if that’s even possible. I would love to see some vlogging, coffee time chat sesh, always fun when you bring more people in with your sesh. My anxiety feels exactly like that and I do the same thing. Dysfunctional family helps so much, a group of people who are supportive and caring. We lean on each other, we’ve all become friends. So much love

  • Guess That Chug! A Bong Challenge Stoner Session
    Well hello there dearest stoner family! In today’s video I’m joined my beloved husband and we play a little round of Guess That Chug! Awhile ago one of you […]

    • That’s a beauty, for sure!! 🌳😎🤘🏼

      • I kinda think you didn’t really do this challenge. You determined most by the way the mouth piece felt and drew. I only remember you exclaiming it for the Gurgler.

        What do you think about video/audio clips of you using pieces from videos and you guess from there? That removes the most identifying variables. Maybe some fun activity for the future. Or a redo for TSM, but as a video. Still blindfolded, but only ears.😊😎 Because, really this was a lot of fun to watch. I’d watch it.💋

    • So beautiful!!! 😍🌾

    • Crossing my fingers. Definitely a conversation piece!

    • Stoner Mom you rocked that Chug Challenge, and Blavid was the best bong Vanna ever!

    • Hey!! I’m so excited! 🤞

    • You two are so stinking cute!!

    • That bong piece is absolutely gorgeous!! Also this is such a fun video! 🙂

    • That’s so fun! I smoked along and got super stoned too. Can’t wait for guess the vaporizer! 🤣

    • I got myself that color changing nail polish for my birthday and I make EVERYONE look at them.

    • OMG I want to try this game with my hubby. It’s always fun watching the two of you.

    • I love your videos!! 😍😘

    • Awh man! This was awesome! Watching for the second time !

    • Hey guys! You are so much fun to watch. Super fun video, as usual. You should get some DynaVaps to review… excellent company and super excellent product… betcha Blavid would love it most, Chad and my dad uses them as a daily driver… Hugs, T

    • Love it! #lifegoal to have enough bongs to do this challenge one day myself lol!

    • Did you know that a cats tail contains nearly 10% of all the bones in its body 😺

    • The glass is gorgeous!
      Thanks for the smoke session Saturday! We almost felt like we were on a date hanging with other people, in our pantry, eating fruit loops……

    • How fun! You did so well haha.

    • Keep being adorably entertaining, you two!

    • Jen replied 11 months ago

      The first time I made weed tea, I had one of the craziest psychedelic experiences ever. Similar to the scene from Doctor Strange when the Ancient One blew Doctor Strange out of reality. That was almost ten years ago, now I use cannabis, legally, everyday to help with my PTSD. Cannabis has greatly improved my quality of life. Thank you so much for your content!

    • Loving every second of your content, new member here after YEARS of appreciating you and others on YouTube. Been alone in this game too long. Love you both. Medical user here in the newly legal Ohio, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia with possible MS, I went full-bore on medical cannabis and my life is, I can now say, stable. What a blessing. You guys are the inspiration. That glass would be first used at my place, but it’s so not about that. Best always.

  • a Wannabe Day in the Life + New Hair Reveal!
    Happy Friday friends! In this video, my new hair is revealed! When I filmed this I intended on making a Day in the Life episode, but as the day went on […]

    • Yesss queen, loved this DITL! I loved your make up look and the stoner sesh was awesome! You new do is EVERYTHING! It totally frames your face and it has so much body! I hope I look half as good in my 30s ✊🏽👑


    Summer Stoner Sesh
    Greetings friends! Who’s ready for a long summer stoner session? In this video I do a nice long dab and smoke sesh and talk about summer life, the business, and lord knows […]

    • Rosin has more organic material that will burn and the carbon. That’s my theory on why it gets dirtier than others. I’ve heard others complain is the same thing. 😊 I’d love to come again when your girls are away, but just for a day, to stock up.💋 love y’all.

    • I have that same torch, I love mine!

      • ** The CinderWitch Triple Jet is the one I have it works so fast my banger will be glowing red in 7 seconds

    • I’m such an introvert, so love being able to sesh with you. Keep up your amazing work 💕

  • Crash Course on Consumption Methods: Consuming Cannabis Concentrates, Dabbing, Edibles, Tinctures and More!
    Happy Summer House members! Time for another semi-educational stoner session with yours truly! […]

    • Love hearing and seeing you two! You are wonderful parents- let the kids chill! Good for them to entertain themselves- good practice for real life!!
      Stay medicated- we are all nicer people that way, aren’t we?

    • I agree ChadTerri, I’m so much more engaged when I’m properly medicated!

  • Crash Course on Consumption Methods: Consuming Cannabis with Paper, Pipes, Bongs and Vaporizers
    Hi friends! I can’t remember which one of you asked for clarification on the many methods of consuming […]

  • Sounds like we have a similar mental state haha!

  • Dabbing Rosin + a Long and Satisfying Dab Sesh
    WHAT’S UP!!!! Screaming, seriously. Because I know it’s been too long. All I can say is I’m here now, and I’m feeling really positive about the future […]

    • Nice seeing your beautiful face!! I usually watch your new videos after work in the evenings on the day you post them. Anyways, i have been in a funk too. Anxiety has gotten the better of me in the last two weeks, but I feel like I’m coming out of it now. I can relate to what your saying. Also I have HUGE social anxiety and that’s why I don’t always join the group sessions and stuff.

    • I’m not picky but you asked for a day so… Wednesday? I’m happy to see content from you whenever you post 🙂

    • I am living straight up SAHM/WAHM mom life so whenever you post I find mom time to catch up. Baby daddy just home after 97 days over seas. He’s totally rocking stoner dad life. I’m catching up on my smoking and guess what, come to find out my child literally makes me sick when she screams. I literally was on the verge of losing my shit till my other half got home. Today she learned how to get out of her own bed. Not enough weed!
      Catch you soon!!!!!!

    • I haven’t watched yet because I haven’t really like it until now. I’ve been missing my friends.

      • I’m enjoying this so much as I medicate while waiting for my hubby to get home. I don’t have days that matter for when things drop. I get behind any any rate. What do y’all do with the left over slabs of weed? Would you jar them Anna save them for me? I’m going to use points for a Denver day trip later this summer… I’m gonna listen some more now. Love you, Lady!😍

    • You should look into the weedtube I hear people earn money from companies on there..I guess you get monetized??! Idk but omg I have so much stuff to catch up on girl I been busy got a job orientation Tomorrow may 31 at lowes finally in Ohio. We should get on destiny soon!!

    • I always watch or listen to whatever you post ASAP, so I don’t care what day. I just want more content, so long as you are capable of making it and staying happy with it.
      I’m glad you’re back to feeling good.

  • Catching Up Sesh + Debuting the Herbalizer!
    Hiya friends! This week’s video is a looooong old fashioned sesh, so if you needed a buddy to sesh with, this is the video for you! In this one I try to […]

  • Getting out of town people stoned af is delightful.

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