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  • June Outdoor Sesh + Giveaway

    Join me for a weird outdoor sesh that includes a haircut, a backyard tour, and a lot of chatting about who knows what! It’s time for your June sesh video and I am so sorry […]

  • My Updated Closet Stash and Sesh

    What’s up friends! It’s time for my promised update on my upstairs closet stash, plus a LOT of stoned talking about kids and my feelings. Idk. This was a long one, and […]

    • That Lord Vaper Zolo pen looks so cool! Love how it looks like a zippo lighter 🙂

    • Hi guys! Thank you for the sesh and tour. And you are right, that first sesh of the day gives me that little hum…. Enter me in the giveaway!

    • The other lighter case with a place to store a full size BIC & alot of hempwick is the Hemplights brand! They are on amazon!

  • HVE Sesh and May Giveaway

    Happy May dear house members! It’s another month in these crazy times, so let’s unwind together with a special stoner session! This time I’m joined by my beloved David, so if […]

    • I just started following you and I’m loving reading everything! Thanks for the awesome content! 😁

    • Love it when you guys record together!

    • You two are ducking awesome.

    • You guys are so cute!

    • Thanks for the video! Enter me in the giveaway! I am April , but not last months winner! Love to see your new stash when cured!

    • So much fun! You two are awesome.

    • So glad I found this community!!

    • Yay for giveaways! You guys are definitely helping me through this quarantine. Stay safe✌

    • I am so excited to have found this community! What an amazing giveaway! You guys are my inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    • I love videos of the both of you together 🙂 Some of my favorite content!

    • Okay-been trying to watch this sesh, but it’s been catch up time on house work!!! Hopefully watching tonight but incase I forget, I want to mention that is another awesome prize pack! (I tried to order that pipe in green -my favorite color-and it was sold out! 😫) And that zippo vape is so cool looking! Thank you for continuing your posts as all of our lives are turned upside down these past months-I’m sure grateful to be able to log into here, put my headphones on, turn on your podcast and learn or just have a good laugh with you & escape from whatever is bothering me. Welcome new members!!! And good luck to all!

    • I love how you have been incorporating the Snoop challenge into your videos to medicate more effectively!

    • Saying high from Oregon!

  • Stash Tour!

    Hi friends! As promised, today I’m sharing an updated look at my stash. In this video I’m getting high and showing you all the different tools I use for storing my cannabis and gear, as […]

    • I loved the new video!!! Your grow looks amazing! I hope to see your cases filled with those juicy buds in a future video. Stay safe and healthy!

  • Who’s ready to sesh?! I know I am! Join me for another long stoner session where I talk about what’s been going on in my crib. Because that’s literally the only place I’ve been in weeks.

    In this video […]

    • Thanks for the sesh! Did Snoop challenge with you! Flower in a bong (LOVE the one you have!!!) then concentrate in my Rio. Easy peasy LOL.
      You guys should do a “family garden/victory garden” Blavid could easily germinate some seeds- growing veggies after the challenges of growing cannabis- well, veggies are easy!!! The Old Farmers Almanac has an online garden growing app- Dave should check it out- he’d love it.
      Stay well, stay sane, do some jump rope with the kids for exercise and stay medicated!
      Virtual hugs,

    • I’m so excited for the Zoom session! I’m just not pulled together enough for the impromptu IG ones. 🤣 Happy 420! Stay safe and well, friends. 💚

      • I’ve had my eye on that Evri for a minute. Stoner mom has all the cool gadgets. Thanks for another great video to sesh with. 💋

    • Another great video and cool gadgets in the giveaway! I think I failed the Snoop challenge the first go round….coughed out after “7”…..need more practice 😆

    • I didn’t mean to make my comment a reply to Prickly Pear’s comment. I’ve been seshing.

    • Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your content! It is so nice to tune out for a while with like minded people. Stay safe.


    • Such a fun sesh! Loved the Snoop Dog challenge haha. I hope to join a Zoom session soon 🙂

    • The second reminder I’ve gotten about Saturday, first was a DM to make sure I would be there, now I have to remember and not fall asleep!
      Hugs from the south!
      Kelli Ann

    • Thanks for another great video! Thank you for taking our mind off of things. Love and light to everyone 💞💫

    • We need you now more than ever! 🙂
      I’m entering the contest, even if I’ll have to forgo the hemp and CBD goodies if I win. Still worth it to me!

    • I ❤️Thin Mints!

    • Just finished the April Live Sesh! It was awesome as always! So, I finished this up after as I was getting ready for bed. Shouldn’t I win the April giveaway by default? lol
      Love y’all!
      April 😉

    • Thanks for the sesh and life updates in our crazy new reality! I look forward to all of them. Enter me in the giveaway! Stay safe and healthy!

    • Great sesh! Happy 4/20 💚

    • You have so many cool give aways and items you show in your videos I just love watching and learning so much (I know I’ve probably said that before-but it’s so true!!!) I still am a newbie and have never dabbed before-this look is like it would be an amazing prize to win! The pipe looks like it would easily meet my OCD cleaning requirements. And who doesn’t need a personal air filter?!? Wonder how they hold up compared to the Sploofy? Which I have been pretty happy with, by the way-thank you again for the recommendation and the discount! Pokémon…hehehe…my oldest was a big fan as a kid-I still have his card collection. Which I hear could be worth something but I doubt it with my boys’ cards-they actually played with them…pretty sure they aren’t exactly collectible worthy😆 “Gotta catch em all” was what I recall him singing.

      😍😍😍Happy Flower to boot!?! Count me in this drawing!

    • Happy 420!

  • Hi there House VanEaton members! Stuck at home and in need of a sesh buddy? Me too. Like literally, under a state-wide order. So how about you join me as I get really high and decompress from the madness […]

    • Yes!! It was me that mentioned the whats in my stash video or day in the life . Both would be great! Toliet paper is getting hard to find here, and school is online for the rest of the school year. My husband and I both work at places that are essential so we are still having to work so far. Thanks so much for the sesh. You are my only sesh buddy in my illegal state. Stay well!

      • Girlfriend! I thought those were your real nails! I’m a biter without my “nail enhancement” and right now they are nubs😳. Did your daughter ever get to compete in the spelling bee? My husband and mother in law went to pick up our Walmart online order for curb side pick up yesterday and it went flawless-they had to substitute a few things, but we were fine with that (Pepperjack cheez-its for extra crispy cheez-its, in our household these are also named “evil little orange squares”) My husband took the car so he could have them load the groceries without getting out/coming into contact with anyone. He tried to tip the young man and he graciously refused, said they couldn’t accept tips. They (hubs & MIL) then sanitized everything in the garage before it entered our home.

    • My Obsessive brain had to watch the video twice this week and last week, because I was so focused on the little blinking stereo light the first time around that I missed half of what you were saying! LOL, I’m broken. It is a fun excuse to smoke with you twice in a row, though!

  • Thanks so much! I’ll film a stash video in the upcoming weeks!

  • Oh, friends. We’re living in strange and dark times, so let’s alleviate some stress with a good old stoner session. In this one, it’s inevitable, I talk about COVID-19 and how it impacted us in the past […]

  • In need of a sesh buddy? Let’s sit back and enjoy a long stoner sesh together! In this video I’m getting high and updating you on everything that’s going on in the stoner mom’s personal life. I’m also […]

  • Lady Kathryn and Profile picture of MommaMiaMommaMia are now friends 5 months ago

  • Happy February dearest House VanEaton! Let’s start the new month out right with a stoney vlog from yours truly. In this video I’m documenting the banalities of my stoner mom life. Laundry, weed, driving, […]

    • I love your Day in the Life’s!!

    • I just joined Instagram…bluestar5770. Looking forward to even more sessions with my new found family!

    • You have so many cool items I have never seen! What was the zippo looking one you had in the car?

    • Loved your vlog Stoner Mom!!!Thanks for being the only sesh buddy for so many of us!

    • The way you talk about your kids, your nighttime routine, and not giving up the cuddles before they are ready…. My heart swells. You are such a good mama. <3

    • Haven’t even watched the video yet because I have to comment on how fucking perfect the banner photo for the video is. You’re always beautiful, Kathryn. But this is sublime! 😍💓🤩😌

  • Thanks again for joining! For flower vaporizers, I am loving both the Miqro (in this post) and the One by Planet of the Vapes. Both are a little over $100. If your budget is lower check out the VLeaf by Vivant. Super basic and only $50, plus you can easily use it with a bong.

  • Yay! Can’t wait to wish you a happy birthday!

  • Finally fixed! Thanks again for the heads up!

  • So happy to have you! Thanks for commenting! FYI, I just learned that the video in this particular post is flawed, it cuts off around 20 minutes. I am fixing it now and will have the full-length hour-long video up tonight, so please check back if interested! Great to have you!

  • Yikes you are right! Reuploading now, will take a couple hours. THANK YOU!

  • Video is fixed! Give it a try if it seemed unusually short before.

    Happy new year friends! It’s time for a super long stoner sesh, just the two of us! Go grab your stoner gear and join me for a chatty […]

    • I just joined to find out more info on a good vaporizer (I’ve been wanting to join your membership for a while now, just nervous since my state is in the infancy of legalization) and would LOVE to win a giveaway!😍

      • Thanks again for joining! For flower vaporizers, I am loving both the Miqro (in this post) and the One by Planet of the Vapes. Both are a little over $100. If your budget is lower check out the VLeaf by Vivant. Super basic and only $50, plus you can easily use it with a bong.

    • Hi!! I’ve missed you! Our family was sick through the holidays and we are coming up out of the fog, thank goodness. I’m excited to catch up on your videos and podcasts!! I have been slipping with my cannabis medication and you always inspire me to get back on track. Thank you Kathryn for all you do for us!! Love and hugs! Lee Anne

    • Love HVE and love anything she recommends! Good luck to all in the giveaway!

    • Your first IG live session is on my birthday!! Can’t wait to spend it celebrating with our HVE Dysfunctional Family. ❤️

    • So happy to see a new video this morning! Happy 2020 and good luck on the raffle everyone 💞

    • Between you and Marisa, you guys are really making me want to get that g pen connect to replace our broken rig. I love the color of that vape too!

    • Just finished watching my first video of yours-I’m hooked! Wondering what all I’ve missed out on but looking forward to your future posts! Thank you for all that you do!

      • So happy to have you! Thanks for commenting! FYI, I just learned that the video in this particular post is flawed, it cuts off around 20 minutes. I am fixing it now and will have the full-length hour-long video up tonight, so please check back if interested! Great to have you!

        • Watching again now for the “full” video! Thanks for the update!

          • Ok, finally finished viewing the complete session. Girlfriend, yes, you should DEFINITELY talk more about Happy Flower!!! Prioritize your passion and educate us along the way! I like the long sessions, and think you have a good idea on the live videos (having part of you & David and then the group) I might participate if I knew it was a secure private group-that was part of the appeal to become a member of HVE😏

    • It may just be me, since everyone seems to have successfully watched the video, but it ends at 24 minutes for me. It ended at a great moment though lol I almost thought it was intentional until I saw that it said the video was over an hour. It ended right as Max bumped your camera haha

    • So glad to see a new video to sesh with this weekend. I would love to win a micro! Thanks for all you do

    • Hi! I can definitely use a new vape and i’m hoping the giveaway is open to Canadians. Love your videos and looking forward to 2020 content. 🙏🏻

    • Such a long sesh is a treat, seriously! Thank you!

    • I LOVED the live IG! I can’t wait for future sessions! Of course, I’m a little biased since I love everything y’all put out! Another great sesh! I’m like Nicole, between you & Marisa I want a G-Pen!!!

    • Super excited!! I have never won anything in my life!!! First the Chiefs win the Super Bowl and now this!!! Yeah!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Happy holidays my dear stoner fam! In this vlog, I am showing you just a little that goes into making my annual Holiday Gift Guide post. The guide is my biggest piece of content each year, and it requires […]

    • Thanks so much for the video and sessions. You are my only smoke buddy. I hope you had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  • Gather your bongs, joints, and other stoner paraphernalia, it’s time to sesh! In this video I’m breaking in a brand new piece that I am obsessed with, as well as giving you a sneak peek at some of the new […]

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